8 Small Croatian Cities Worth Visiting      


Croatia: a small country that is home to roughly 4.6 million people and some of the world’s most beautiful natural landscapes. Tourists flock to the country each year, but many vacation-worthy locations go unnoticed in favor of major destinations.

If you’re looking to take a trip off the beaten path, we’d recommend looking into these charming Croatian villages.


Jelsa is a tony coastal town that is neighbored by the country’s two highest mountains. It’s surrounded by rolling hills and dense forests of pine.

Although it doesn’t contain the intricate architecture that buildings in many larger cities do, it still boasts a historic charm and plenty of narrow, winding streets to explore.


Rastoke offers a change from the bustling cities and sandy beaches. Instead, it offers a plethora of great hills for hiking and fast-flowing waterfalls.

The town is situated in the spot where the river splits, diving into many small channels. Following these channels in different directions, it’s easy to find yourself visiting a different waterfall everyday.

Rastoke’s downtown core boasts the traditional cobblestone streets and historic buildings that you’d expect from an old city.


Skrip is the island’s oldest village. Skrip lies within an area of hills, forests, and rocky landings.

The small, peaceful village is home to the Radojkovic Tower, which was one a defensive tower, but now holds the likes of various Roman tombstones, sea charts, and a variety of other historical articles.


Gradac boasts one of the Dalmatian coast’s best features: pebbled beaches and calm, clear waters perfect for swimming. It’s conveniently located between two larger cities, giving visitors ample travel access should they grow tired of the beach scene.


Cigoc is a unique destination due to its close proximity to Croatia’s largest wetland area, the Lonjsko Polje Nature Park.

This close proximity gives this small town tons of appeal to bird and animal lovers, who come to witness the wide array of birds and wildlife that call the floodplains and wetlands home. Cigoc is called by many the “village of storks”.


Hum is a hilltop town that approximately 27 people call home. The town is known for its picturesque scenery and friendly residents. Like many of Croatia’s streets, the streets are cobblestone and give off a classic, historic vibe.


Moscenice is a charming medieval town that lies among a collection of rolling hills. The town is fully enclosed, with its outer walls having previously served as protection.

The city features narrow, winding streets and dozens of dead-end alleyways. It gives visitors and residents a great view of Croatia’s unique landscapes, as it sits 570 feet above sea level on top of a large hill.


Rovinj is a city of 15,000 people- all of whom squish into a small city that is surrounded by sea. It has no fortified walls, which makes it unique from other seaside cities.

Instead, its outer homes open up onto the sea. It’s rich in sea-food culture and is a hub for fishing.

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What are the signs that my commercial AC ducts need to be cleaned?

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  • Employees complaining about dust or other allergens, or becoming suddenly sick
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Tourist visa for Australia: where to request it, costs and duration

The tourist visa for Australia is necessary for all persons not residing in the Australian and New Zealand territory. Before proceeding with the visa application it is essential to know what are the necessary requirements to obtain it and what are the obligations that must be observed by the tourist. The visa is always necessary for those who go on holiday, for those who go to visit relatives and friends, for those who go to Australia for other reasons that are not professional. The tourist visa for Australia is of different types, divided according to the length of stay in the territory and based on the reason for going to the country.

ETA is an electronic visa for short visits of up to three months, issued to citizens from certain countries and regions outside the Australian territory. EVisitor is another type of electronic visa for tourism or business purposes, lasting three months and granted to citizens from Europe to other non-Australian countries. The Visa Tour is a temporary visa that extends from 3 to 12 months, which can be requested online. The Sponsored Family Visitor Visawas created for people coming to Australia as tourists who go to visit their family and are authorized with the consent of the Australian citizen who has to host them. The other visas are used in case of work, Working Holiday , holiday / study.

The institution responsible for issuing tourist visas for Australia is the Department of Immigration and Citizenship and deals with border security. The visa is immediately revoked if there is a presence of drugs, steroids, weapons and animals protected in the luggage of the passenger presenting a passport and visa to the customs office of an Australian airport for the stamp. They are very strict and fiscal regarding this point, as well as for the transport of food and food that come from outside the territory.

The tourist visa for Australia can be free in the case of ETA which is also available through the travel agency where you book the air ticket or can cost $ 235 in the case of the Working Holiday, which can be requested online. Among the requisites for obtaining a tourist visa for Australia, we remind you that you must have a passport, it is necessary to have no criminal proceedings and a photo card.

Working holiday, work in Australia to learn the language

Traveling to learn a language is certainly the best way to get results. But not everyone can afford to stay for months in a country as far as l ‘ Australia . There are several agencies, national and foreign, present on our territory that help people find a job with the purpose of learning the language. In this way it is possible to remain economically while studying the language, in this case Australian English . Let’s see in detail what are the most suitable solutions to meet your needs.

One of the most requested jobs , according to online requests from Sydney and Melbourne, is the work of a waiter or a cook assistant. Even if candidates who have at least a basic knowledgeof the language are preferred , otherwise they could not do this work in contact with other people. So this solution is suitable for those who must perfect the linguistic structure and the pronunciation of English. The same goes for another very popular task, that is, work at the hotel at the reception or behind the counter of a bar or a supermarket. Those who do not know any words in English will have to be content with more humble jobs, such as the dishwasher or thefruit and vegetable collector in the Australian countryside.

There are agencies that organize everything from travel, to work, to accommodation. Very often the hotels offer board and lodging, while in other cases they are recommended hostels or apartments in common with other guys who are there for the same reason. To go to Australia to work and learn the language, you need to be provided with a passport of 6 months remaining, do not have a criminal record and give the police all the information about the job to be done by specifying who you should be hired from and where you will stay during the temporary period in which you will reside in Australia .

To go to work and learn the language in Australia  you need to have the Working Holiday Visa , the only document that will allow those who have obtained the job to finance the trip to the country that issued it, in this case Australia. This visa, however, has several limitations, one of which for example, the age limit of 31 years , in addition to rather limited time limits concerning the duration of the recruitment period. The visa lasts one year and can be renewed for a second year. The cost of Working Holiday for Australia is 440 Australian dollars , to be paid also on the second renewal.