7 Las Vegas Restaurants to Die For

Known for its extravagant night life, city lights, and fun atmosphere, Las Vegas has a lot to offer travelers. With so much going, most travelers miss the chance to dine at the local Las Vegas restaurants that the locals love.


If you’re an egg enthusiast who craves eggs morning, afternoon, and night and in all sorts of shapes and sizes, Eggslut is the restaurant for you. Eggslut serves eggs at all times of the day and is known by the locals for its creative egg creations including The Gaucho- an egg sandwich that uses wagyu tri-tip seared steak, an over-medium egg, red onions, arugula, chimichurri sauce, and a slightly warmed brioche bun. Eggslut also offer salads and burgers that make great use of eggs.

Milk Bar

Opened by Christina Tofi, Milk Bar will become your go-to Las Vegas restaurant for satisfying your sweet tooth. Offering tasty treats like birthday cake truffles, blueberry and cream cookies, and Tofi’s original creation, crack pie, Milk Bar is the best place to indulge your cravings. Milk Bar also offers fancy shakes- classic milkshakes with a twist of adult juice (alcohol, of course!).

Sushi Roku

One of the most popular Japanese restaurants in Las vegas, Sushi Roku is the go-to sushi joint for both locals and tourists. Sushi Roku boasts a calming atmosphere and delicious food including various salads, kimchi cucumber sunomono, tuna pizza, and roasted cauliflower. You can also throw back a drink or two, as the restaurant has an extensive liquor menu.

Elia Authentic Greek Tavern

Good Greek food is hard to comeby, however, one step into Elia Authentic Greek Tavern will convince you that you’ve found a hidden gem. The atmosphere is calm and relaxing, giving off a certain air of charm. The food, including tarama and tzatziki, is made in house and is authentic Greek cuisine that uses old-world recipes and flavors.

P.F Chang’s

Home to traditional Asian cuisine, P.F Chang’s will transport you to China with every bite. The restaurant uses traditional wok-style cooking, hand-crafted sauces, and fresh ingredients that are prepared in house. Dishes include sushi, Chinese dim-sum, Vietnamese soups and bowls, wok-fried chicken and beef, and noodles and rice. P.F Chang’s has something to offer every traveler.

Rainforest Cafe

Taking dining to a new level with a sit-down meal at the rainforest cafe. Decorated to inspire feelings of a real rainforest and offering tasty food, this restaurant is a must-see. The cafe is family-friendly and entertaining for children as there are tons of fun things to look at, but it also offers its adult patrons a happy hour. Rainforest cafe serves American food that is cooked to perfection and held to high standards.

Capital Grille

If you’re feeling sophisticated, treat yourself to a meal at the capital grille. A high-class, fine dining establishment, the capital grille caters to diners and takes strides to make their customers happy. The restaurant offers a variety of fine wines and dishes from steak to shrimp and octopus, making it the perfect place for a first date or wedding anniversary.

Tourist visa for Australia: where to request it, costs and duration

The tourist visa for Australia is necessary for all persons not residing in the Australian and New Zealand territory. Before proceeding with the visa application it is essential to know what are the necessary requirements to obtain it and what are the obligations that must be observed by the tourist. The visa is always necessary for those who go on holiday, for those who go to visit relatives and friends, for those who go to Australia for other reasons that are not professional. The tourist visa for Australia is of different types, divided according to the length of stay in the territory and based on the reason for going to the country.

ETA is an electronic visa for short visits of up to three months, issued to citizens from certain countries and regions outside the Australian territory. EVisitor is another type of electronic visa for tourism or business purposes, lasting three months and granted to citizens from Europe to other non-Australian countries. The Visa Tour is a temporary visa that extends from 3 to 12 months, which can be requested online. The Sponsored Family Visitor Visawas created for people coming to Australia as tourists who go to visit their family and are authorized with the consent of the Australian citizen who has to host them. The other visas are used in case of work, Working Holiday , holiday / study.

The institution responsible for issuing tourist visas for Australia is the Department of Immigration and Citizenship and deals with border security. The visa is immediately revoked if there is a presence of drugs, steroids, weapons and animals protected in the luggage of the passenger presenting a passport and visa to the customs office of an Australian airport for the stamp. They are very strict and fiscal regarding this point, as well as for the transport of food and food that come from outside the territory.

The tourist visa for Australia can be free in the case of ETA which is also available through the travel agency where you book the air ticket or can cost $ 235 in the case of the Working Holiday, which can be requested online. Among the requisites for obtaining a tourist visa for Australia, we remind you that you must have a passport, it is necessary to have no criminal proceedings and a photo card.

Working holiday, work in Australia to learn the language

Traveling to learn a language is certainly the best way to get results. But not everyone can afford to stay for months in a country as far as l ‘ Australia . There are several agencies, national and foreign, present on our territory that help people find a job with the purpose of learning the language. In this way it is possible to remain economically while studying the language, in this case Australian English . Let’s see in detail what are the most suitable solutions to meet your needs.

One of the most requested jobs , according to online requests from Sydney and Melbourne, is the work of a waiter or a cook assistant. Even if candidates who have at least a basic knowledgeof the language are preferred , otherwise they could not do this work in contact with other people. So this solution is suitable for those who must perfect the linguistic structure and the pronunciation of English. The same goes for another very popular task, that is, work at the hotel at the reception or behind the counter of a bar or a supermarket. Those who do not know any words in English will have to be content with more humble jobs, such as the dishwasher or thefruit and vegetable collector in the Australian countryside.

There are agencies that organize everything from travel, to work, to accommodation. Very often the hotels offer board and lodging, while in other cases they are recommended hostels or apartments in common with other guys who are there for the same reason. To go to Australia to work and learn the language, you need to be provided with a passport of 6 months remaining, do not have a criminal record and give the police all the information about the job to be done by specifying who you should be hired from and where you will stay during the temporary period in which you will reside in Australia .

To go to work and learn the language in Australia  you need to have the Working Holiday Visa , the only document that will allow those who have obtained the job to finance the trip to the country that issued it, in this case Australia. This visa, however, has several limitations, one of which for example, the age limit of 31 years , in addition to rather limited time limits concerning the duration of the recruitment period. The visa lasts one year and can be renewed for a second year. The cost of Working Holiday for Australia is 440 Australian dollars , to be paid also on the second renewal.